Can A Luxury Kids Ride-On Car Cultivate a Wealth Mindset?

Some like to use daily meditation to cultivate a wealth mindset. Some will use a vision board to see into and create the future they wish to achieve.  Some will seek out a mentor to help guide them to their dreams faster than normal and some use all of the above and many other techniques to find their true happiness. If it’s true that utilizing these modalities of dynamic wealth building actually work, wouldn’t it only make sense that the earlier we start adopting these practices the quicker we would see these elements flourish in our lives?

But at what age should one start using these practices? Shouldn’t a parent start their child off at the youngest age possible to cultivate the correct type of mindset necessary to manifest huge amounts of wealth very early on?

That’s why we’d like to pose the question,

Can a Luxury Kids Ride-On Car Cultivate a Wealth Mindset In A Child?

Now some might come right out and say “your nuts!, there’s no way that buying a child a kids luxury vehicle will make any difference in their mindset at all, they’re way too young to even have a mindset!”

But wouldn’t you really need to investigate the lifestyle of the person making such claim? I mean do they have everything they want or have they achieved all they hoped for in life? How do they view money in their mind? Which side of the dollar are they on, are they an employer or a employee?

The same question could be posed to someone in a very different and affluent position in life and you might get a completely different answer to the same query. They might say“Of course it helps to cultivate a wealth mindset and you should start cultivating it as early as possible!”

This is such a subjective topic that it begs to be placed in front of a collective group of people from all walks of life and in many different financial situations.

Children Know Who They Are And What They Want Earlier Than You Can Imagine!

The other day I was talking to a friend about his 10 month old grandson. He thought it was so adorable how at barely a year old he had a grasp on the concept of “mine”. My friend was playing with him not letting him get to his toy animal, but once his grandson got a hold of it again he made sure that anytime his grandad tried to get it again he would hide it behind his back, almost to say “what toy? I don’t have a toy.”

To me this showed a high level of mental processing at 10 months old and we know that from birth to 5 years old are a child’s formative years and some say are the most important years of a child’s life.

Now let’s be clear here, we’re not saying that the only way to build a child’s wealth mindset muscles are to buy them expensive toys and hope they become rich, that’s just silly. What we are trying to get across is that there are a myriad of methods to breed successful thought patterns in a young one’s mind. Some choose to

Create Positive Habits Like..

Keeping a daily journal

Writing down goals

Practicing a regular exercise routine

Cultivating one natural talents

Regular reading

Maintaining good relationships

Creating a vision board


Keeping an abundance Mindset!

The list can go on and on but what we’re focused on in this article is keeping an abundance mindset and can this mindset be inspired by a luxury ride on toy?

We Think yes!

But how you may ask..

Well imagine that you begin cultivating your child’s mind in several of the ways we mentioned above.

We all know that a parent is the primary mentor or guide in a child’s life and one of the most remedial questions a parent asks their child is… “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This simple question we believe is the start to wealth mindset building. And why does it have to stop with this one question? Why not surf the internet with your child  looking at mansions or better yet drive through very expensive neighborhoods, better yet, go to an open house of a moderately or very expensive property and ignite the beautiful budding mind of a child. Then you can ask “What kind of house do you want to live in?”

The fact is that you don’t have to be wealthy to introduce your child to wealth. A parent is a child’s first mentor in life and  playtime can be almost anything that can be made fun so inviting your kid to chat about their future dreams and what inspires them is only natural.

Now let’s take the same scenario and apply it to a luxury vehicle. You can show your child pictures of beautiful cars in magazines, online or better yet take them to a showroom and take a Mercedes out for a spin! Then when you get home you can ask the all revealing question

“What type of car do you want to own?”

And the best part is… they can own it right now!

Once they’ve taken a ride in a real BMW they most likely will want one of their own. Why not inspire a wealth mindset by encouraging them to build a new habit that will only serve their future endeavors and rewarding that new behavior with their own kids luxury ride on vehicle. Don’t just dish out the chores,  those are great responsibility builders but they don’t necessary build a wealth mindset. Instead, encourage more enterprising endeavors like the good old time tested lemonade stand or something more modern like an ecommerce ebay business selling their used toys online.

And with the recent influx of new seriously luxurious ride on toys hitting the market lately from several different companies like Modemo Kids, Uenjoy and EMR Distributors there are now many luxury options to choose from.

In closing, we feel that not only can a kids ride on car be a fun and exciting toy gift for your child but that buying one can be a fun and very spirited wealth building experience.