Review: Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force 12 volt Tractor with Trailer

With the look and feel of a genuine tractor plus the included trailer and many other features to match it’s no wonder why the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force 12 volt Tractor is the number 1 best seller in the kids electric vehicles category on on In this review we are going to cover as many features as you can handle as well as personal use reviews from customers.

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Children from ages 2 to 7 will enjoy hours and hours of outdoor fun hauling toys or helping mom and dad in in the yard or just playing farmer on this accurate rendition of a John Deere tractor with trailer.



With a two speed gear shifting motor at speeds of 2 ¼ to 4 ½ mph that also includes a reverse gear, your child will take on the the yard with a tractor that handles well on grass, hard surfaces like concrete or in the dirt. The Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force 12 volt Tractor  is qualified to give your child a true driving experience.


The Peg Perego Ground Force Tractor comes equipped with a rechargeable 12 volt battery that when fully charged with give a kid about 2 hours of play time. To really keep the fun rolling you can pick up the 12 volt quick charger for a 2 hour rapid charge. Though it comes with one battery there is a space for a second one. The battery can also be upgraded for more power if you’d like that option as well. One charge gave one user 5 days of play while others got 40 minutes to 2 hours of constant use. One complaint from a user was that due to the lack of easy access to the battery it can be difficult to change.


Parents if you fear that your child is not quite ready for the 2nd gear’s 4 ½ mph speed fear not! Peg Perego has seemed to think of everything with a parental 2nd gear lockout. Think of it as a channel lock on your cable box, you control the speed and can unlock it when you feel it’s safe for your kid to ride at a higher mph!
The John Deere Ground Force also has an automatic braking system to help assure parents the safety they need.


Included with the John Deere Ground Force Tractor is the extra large peg perego detachable stake side trailer with locking hitch pin which will haul a myriad of things from toys to whatever your child can imagine that may fit inside EXCEPT one of their friends! The max load weight of the trailer is 15 lbs. You may want to also grab the TOMY Ertl John Deere Deluxe Talking Toolbelt to give your kid the full handyman/farmer effect. NOTE that hauling heavy objects will probably decrease the battery use time significantly.


the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force 12 volt Tractor has an adjustable seat with an armrest that flips up giving easy access to getting in and out and  allowing the tractor to grow with your child.


Another pretty cool feature of the Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor is the included on board FM radio. Though somewhat antiquated for the most part it’s definitely a nice addition and knowing that your child can set a station and ride instead of trying to drive and fiddle with a phone or ipod which as adults we know can be a major hazard.


With a 74% positive rating on it’s obvious why this ride on tractor stays at the top of’s best seller list! Customers love the authentic look, feel and realism of the tractor. This is no surprise and makes total sense since peg perego is partnered with John Deere directly which keeps the quality of the electric vehicles that they produce up to the standard of John Deere.  One customer even owns two peg perego tractors for their child!

The 2 speed positions seem to be a big plus for parents and their children allowing the ability to acclimate to the slower speed first before moving to the faster speed. Some were surprised at just how fast the second gear was. 4 ½ miles per hour may sound slow on paper but seeing your kid flying across the yard at almost 5 mph may be a bit of a shocker especially if you have to chase them down! Even when hauling items in the included trailer the speed of the tractor still seems impress and somewhat shock parents, so be warned.

Ease of use is noted quite often in the reviews as kids seem to take to using the electric vehicle with a very small learning curve depending on the age of the child. 2 years seems to be the entry age though in one review I read one child started as early as  a year and half with some assistance from dad.

Most parents and children love the fm radio with it’s 10 stations and state that it works great while others chose not to deal with the noise and didn’t bother to even put batteries in the radio.

Some parents took the DIY approach and perform upgrades to the tractor, surprisingly mostly to increase the speed! These include changing the battery to a more powerful 20 volt battery and one dad removed the governor to increase the speed of the tractor until he realized it may have been too fast for his child. Others changed the tires for better traction. Some parent keeps the unit maintained with regular lube jobs and oil changes. Other upgrades included adding a cup holder and making the seat adjustable.


The biggest con with every review is changing the battery. For some reason peg perego put the battery under the steering wheel making it a pain because you have to remove the steering wheel to replace the battery.  

Another con for some was the assembly. While most had no problem putting the tractor together, one person had to call a handyman in to assemble the peg perego tractor and noted that it took him almost two hours and that he definitely needed his tools to complete the job.

Peg Perego is leading the pack with authentic replicas of electric cars, motorcycles, off road and several tractors including the Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green 2 seater, the Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor/Trailer . and many others and the Peg Perego Ground Force Tractor is leading the pack! No matter which ride on electric vehicle model you choose it’s clear from all the user reviews that the peg perego brand is a great buy!The Peg Perego brand is made in the USA in their Fort Wayne, Indiana factory using domestic and global components.