Review: Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket 2018

Razor MX350

Kids grow and mature fast! So their toys need to mature as well to the demanding standards of their growing lifestyles. So when the passion for riding their bicycle wears thin and they’re ready to graduate to the next level and request that mom & dad buy them a dirt bike, the question then becomes. “How do I give them what their asking for without providing a super fast, 2 wheeled dangerously scary motor bike? 

The answer is a kids mini electric dirt bike and the Razor line of mini dirt bikes is the line to be on! The MX350 is todays review model but it’s just the beginning! Yup you guessed it! Razor is the same company that gave us those stainless steel razor kick scooters. The same scooters that all the kids (and some adults) seemed to have and dominated neighborhoods and became the standard nationwide! The razor brand has been around since the 2000 and they cornered the kick scooter market with their products and have been the center of outdoor ride on fun for many years!  

You can head on over to to check the price and read all the customer reviews for the Razor MX350 but we’d love for you to continue reading and allow us to give you a full review, so you’ll have the best Insight possible on this kids electric dirt bike.

As a choice pick in the kids electric dirt bike category and grabbing a 63% customer rating on, the Razor mx350 Dirt Rocket electric motocross bike is in the top of it’s class.

Features of the Razor MX350 dirt bike include


The razor MX350 is a well-built, scaled-down, stylish version of a full size dirt bike but constructed with kids in mind. This is the perfect entry-level dirt bike to get your child used to riding before they step up to the big league of a full size dirt bike or motorcycle. kids as young as 5 up to 11 years old have had a blast on this minibike and that adds up to hours of outside fun! It’s not surprising that Sports Illustrated gives this dirt bike such high praise and has awarded it several times.

The build quality of Razor products have always been top notch and durable. That quality continues today and now that they’ve moved into the kids electric vehicle market it only makes sense that the quality control standards are kept at a high level.

The look and feel of the MX350 is designed to give your child that true X Games experience! It’s tiny but powerful, built for smaller children up to 140 pounds. If you’re child is looking for something a little bigger in size and more powerful, can check out the Razor SX500

2. Age and Weight Requirements

It’s difficult to say what the minimum age should be for a toy like this. We couldn’t find a specific minimum age for this bike on Razor’s website either. That’s probably because it really depends not on a child’s age but their size, weight and ability to handle the two wheeled motorized bike safely. 

We can tell you that the maximum weight limit for the bike is 140 pounds. So depending on their height and weight a rider could be as young as 5 and as old as 15 maybe.

3. The Motor & Speed

The high torque design of the onboard 350 watt electric motor is great for climbing hills and is perfect for that extra get up and go. 

This bike reaches speeds up to 14 miles per hour! Which will out run most smaller motored an non-motored ride on vehicles. It’s far from the power of a full size minibike but it’s definitely not a toy! There’s enough kick for your child’s adventurous needs but a mild enough mph to keep a parents mine at ease.

Two 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries for a total of 24 volts of power is what supplies the punch and get up go. You can get up to 30 minutes of continuous use on a single battery charge which takes about 12 hours with the included UL approved charger. That time could be longer depending on use.

The motor single is speed as well, meaning there’s no clutch or gears to shift while riding which is great for a novice dirt bike rider.

The Twist grip throttle has a comfortable feel and is just like a full size dirt bike.

Being that the motor is electric it’s super quiet as well, meaning your kid won’t drive you or your neighbors nuts driving a loud ripping and roaring dirt bike all over your yard.

4. Tires & Chain

The tires are large and have no a deep knobby tread giving them  great Traction in dirt, on pavement and in grass.

It is chain driven just like a normal size motorcycle which creates a smoother ride all around.