Top Features To Look For In A Kids Electric car

So many kids electric cars to choose from with lots of design options. We wrote this article to highlight the top features you should know about before choosing your child’s next ride on toy.

Multiple Speeds Plus Reverse Gear

Cruising around the yard at 2.5 miles per hour is nice and all but what happens when your child is ready to shift it up and take it into high gear? If the electric kids vehicle you bought purchased doesn’t have a second faster gear or higher speed that allows for a quicker car the fact is that it although lots of fun will be had, it will be slow trek through the neighborhood! Most newer ride-on cars come equipped with 2 speeds usually a low gear of 2.5 and a higher gear of 5 mph. The 2 speeds definitely make a big difference also. You might think that a bump in speed by 2.5 mph  wouldn’t be much of a change but.. It’s not until you see the smile on your child’s face or better yet have to chase your kid down in a car moving at 5 mile per hour that you’ll pick up on the noticeable difference in speed. The beauty is that thanks to some new safety precautions you won’t be running behind your child in a race to catch them if you see a risk of a potential crash. You can read our article on Top 5 Safety Features To Consider Before Buying A Ride On Toy here.

The other important factor about speed and gears when considering a new ride-on purchase is a reverse gear. Think of of great it is for your child to have the ability to maneuver themselves out of sticky situations and they can get sticky fast.

Passenger Seat 

It’s always a blast for a kid to ride around on their brand new toy it equates to hours of fun. But kids usually have friends and unless their friends also own a ride on a ride on car of their own they literally can be left behind! Sure they can take turns driving the car or individually use the remote to use the car as an radio controlled car as mentioned above but they’d probably rather just ride with their buddy in the car! There’s almost always a weight restriction on these cars but as long as you don’t exceed that restriction a second rider can come along for the ride! Chances are that the battery will drain a bit faster with an extra passenger but it’s surely worth the extra fun for both children.

mp3, Flash & SD card Player

As adults we travel daily in our vehicles listening to our favorite tunes on the radio. Playing music through an aux input from our phones. Streaming music via services like apple music, Tidal or Pandora and even playing a cd, if anybody still have those. So why shouldn’t our children have the same luxury when it comes to them cruising the neighborhood in their new ride-on vehicle? They most definitely can! With many of the newer kids vehicles being released by several companies like and —- There are many cars to choose from that contain AUX inputs, Flash or SD Card Players and some, depending on the model you choose will have LCD touch screens and built in radios. Your biggest bang for your buck would probably be the Flash or SD Card player option. This allows you to choose your child’s favorite tunes from your computer and transfer them to a SD Card and play them through the on board Player in the ride on. If your kid’s car has the LCD screen option, you can also transfer movies to the SD Card and they can watch their favorite Animated Movies as well in their cool little vehicle!

Parental Remote Control

In the first paragraph we alerted you that you’ll never have to worry about trying to catch up to a kiddie car moving at 5 mph especially in an emergency situation. The main reason for this is that while your kid is on their ride on toy having the time of their lives and heaven forbid something goes wrong, you now have one of the safest features available and is now included with almost every kids electric vehicle available on the market. 

That feature is a parental remote control. This is a battery operated remote that can be used to override all the functions that the driver would have behind the wheel. It looks like a game console controller and it can be used to drive and maneuver the car as a parent sees fit. Your child is not completely used to steering the vehicle and is heading for a stone? Use the remote to apply the brakes or simply steer the car around an obstacle. 

as a driverless vehicle as well.  This not only a safety feature but it also turns the ride on car into a giant (rc) radio controlled car doubling the fun for your children all day.

Rapid battery charger

This is an add on feature that must be purchased separately when you purchase your child’s ride on toy. As the name describes the purpose of this addition is to quickly charge your child’s ride on car battery. Of course any car you choose to buy comes with it’s own 12 volt charger but that is a slow charger usually taking anywhere from 18 hours (for the initial first time charge) and roughly 12 hours for an everyday charge. The thing to be aware of is that a fully charged battery only lasts for about an hour to an hour and a half of continuous use. So, having the ability to recharge quickly (which usually fully charges the battery in about 2 – 3 hours) is a major time saver. It’s definitely worth the extra expense to have the option to extend your child’s playtime for hours!


The ride can get pretty bumpy out there in the wild open backyard lol and we sure don’t want our children to acquire bad back at a very young age! The one thing that can help navigate the bumps, stones, hills and holes out there is a great suspension. A good feature to look for in a new toy is a spring suspension. Great for the ride, helps to ease the terrain and they look good as well! A spring suspension can be hard to find in cars and usually only come with the larger vehicles like the Jeeps and SUVs and their worth it!

LED Lights

When dusk falls and your child is still in the midst of a really good time the sun setting shouldn’t stop all the fun! It doesn’t have to either id the ride you chose has nice bright LED headlights. They’re a welcome feature that is not just for the looks, they are bright and really help light the way. These lights are being used in most kids electric cars in all the places that need light from the headlights, taillights and the dashboard. When fully lit they have a really nice glow that illuminates the area around it. Make sure your child’s next ride on has LED lights.